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Positive Strive

It is said that when Adlai Stevenson II died in 1965, he had near his bedside the prose poem Desiderata. The famously erudite U.S. statesman had intended to use in his Christmas cards the then largely unknown poem that Max … Continue reading

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Thriving at Work

Happy employees make for a consistently high-performing workforce. This is the gist of a research that took over seven years, and involved over 1200 white and blue-collar employees from a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, health care, and … Continue reading

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Revisiting Happiness

As Asia celebrates the Chinese New Year with greetings of “Kung hei fat cho!” (Congratulations and be prosperous!) , I find myself enjoying the “happiness issue” of the Harvard Business Review (January-February, 2012). It is so apt a reading for … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas!

Christmas is almost over, even as holiday lights cast a properly cheerful air in the neighborhood. “Proper” is the operative term; after all this is a neighborhood that takes comfort in conformity when it comes to exterior paint colors. Bright … Continue reading

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Celebrating Marine Affairs in Halifax

Going Haligonian All things Halifax fascinated me – its rituals, its farmers’ market, its tree-lined and generous sidewalks and walkable streets, its well-preserved wooden homes and Victorian buildings, its abundant seafood, and its pleasantly genteel people. I would soon proclaim … Continue reading

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Catching a NASA Live Launch – a GRAIL Weekend

It sounded pretty straightforward – get an invitation or buy a Kennedy Space Center launch ticket, show up, and watch a spectacular liftoff. Actually, it’s a bit more exciting than that: one needs sustained enthusiasm, optimism, and tolerance for uncertainties and … Continue reading

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