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Mika’s One Earth

“If there’s only one earth how come we had the typhoon in Tacloban, but not here in Manila?”, asked Mika, leaving her host dumbfounded.  The 5-year old Haiyan survivor,  along with her mother and three other siblings, evacuated to the … Continue reading

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Of Eartha Kitt, Typhoon Haiyan, and Waray Grit

A month after Typhoon Haiyan ravaged my home town, stories of death, destruction, and survival linger. However, listening to the song “Waray Waray” never fails to snap me back into a positive mode. The popular version is in Tagalog and … Continue reading

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Feasts and Festivals of Fall

This gallery contains 13 photos.

Winter has already started dumping snow in Colorado since two weeks ago, but memories of the festivals of fall still lingers. Remembering the joyful times – before last month’s floods unhinged homes and lives in the Rocky Mountains – is … Continue reading

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Kuratsa – A Rich Life in Dance

“You walk, swim, and fly,” coached an amazing lady we fondly call Nanay Charing. At 85 years old she can still out-dance everyone on the dance floor. Her life is a lively, inspiring kuratsa, a traditional dance of the Waray … Continue reading

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Spring and Hibiscus

It’s spring! It may not feel like it with about a foot of snow outside, but with my red hibiscus in full bloom today, there’s reason to believe the season is moving ahead to be in sync with the Eastertide. … Continue reading

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Living Sustainability in Germany

The Federal Government of Germany has what looks like a straightforward strategy for sustainability. The strategy is summarized into Ten Golden Rules. Its introductory remarks thus says: “The national sustainability strategy is not intended to be a theoretical or academic … Continue reading

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A Younger Moon Turned Inside Out

On April 19-20, 2012 the German Aerospace Center Institute of Planetary Research hosted the 2012 European Lunar Symposium in Berlin. The symposium, which was also sponsored by NASA’s Lunar Science Institute, was breathtaking in its inclusiveness, providing a forum for … Continue reading

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Positive Strive

It is said that when Adlai Stevenson II died in 1965, he had near his bedside the prose poem Desiderata. The famously erudite U.S. statesman had intended to use in his Christmas cards the then largely unknown poem that Max … Continue reading

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Thriving at Work

Happy employees make for a consistently high-performing workforce. This is the gist of a research that took over seven years, and involved over 1200 white and blue-collar employees from a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, health care, and … Continue reading

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Revisiting Happiness

As Asia celebrates the Chinese New Year with greetings of “Kung hei fat cho!” (Congratulations and be prosperous!) , I find myself enjoying the “happiness issue” of the Harvard Business Review (January-February, 2012). It is so apt a reading for … Continue reading

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